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The Learn Math Quickly System - Fractions through Algebra

This package includes the following 16 DVDs:
Fractions 1: Basics;
Fractions 2: More Basics, Addition, Subtraction;
Fractions 3: More Subtraction, Multiplication;
Fractions 4: More Multiplication, Division;
Word Problems;
Ratio and Proportion;
Measurement: Area and Perimeter;
Measurement: Circles and Volume;
Geometry 1;
Geometry 2;
Algebra 1;
Algebra 2;
Algebra 3; and
Algebra 4
plus Workbook 1 for Fractions and Word Problems;
Workbook 2 for Decimals, Percent, and Ratio and Proportion;
Workbook 3 for Geometry; and
Workbook 4 for Algebra.